A tailored 4-Week pre-bootcamp program on the web development track.

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Our Program

  • Week 1 - Week 2

Intro to Computer Programming

How Internet Works - HTTP, Request-Response Cycle
Client-Server Architecture
Computer Number System
Base Conversions, Complement & Binary Arithmetic
Logic Gates
Computer Networks & DNS Architecture
Environment Setup - Installing Linux

  • Week 3 - Week 4

Getting started - Web Development

Working with Linux & Basic UNIX tools
Working with Command Line editors
Ubuntu Networking & Management
Intro to CRON Jobs
Intro to HTML5/CSS3
Working with HTML5 Templates
Working with CSS3

  • Week 5

Intro to JavaScript

Fundamentals of JavaScript
Writing first line of code using JS
Getting familiar with JavaScript Syntax
Intro to JS functions, methods, objects & variables
Intro to ES6 (EcmaScript)

  • Week 6

CRUD Application Development

Intro to CRUD operations
Create, Read, Update, Delete functionalities
Building CRUD App using basic JavaScript & HTML5
Working with Weather APIs,Google Map APIs, Graph APIs
Building Mini Interactive CLI App with Javascript
Introduction to the upcoming bootcamp journey

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